why after exercise, the blood pressure become aceptable?


I am 68 and have been high blood pressure for slightly more than 10 years. I have been taking two tablets (Amlodipine 5mg and Perindopril 4mg) to control. The effect is varied from time to time. At the rest time, the blood pressure reaches 170 and 95 respectively. Surprisingly, after exercise, the blood pressure become aceptable to become 140 and 85 respectively. I do not understand the reason. I can not do the exercises all the time. Could you please address my queries? Ambrose

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Muhammad Khalil

Hello and Welcome

I appreciate your concern

The dose of Perindopril can be increased to 8 mg. According to studies, systolic hypertension has been termed physiologic at your age i.e 68 years and confusion persists whether to treat it at such a level or not. Nevertheless , the diastolic pressure is also raised, so dose adjustment can be done. During exercise there is peripheral vasodilation leading to the drop you described.

Please consult your doctor before deciding on any further course of action

wishing you best of health


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