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I was wondering a great deal about my daughter's weight. She seems to be sitting at the same weight now for a few months. Jan, Feb, March and I think Dec, she has been sitting at a little over 20 lbs. She is now 1 as of Feb 1st. I just wanted to know if that was normal or not. Since 6 months and on, she refused baby food and pablum, she only wanted what we were eating. I know it is fine, but another problem I am having is she never let me feed her, she only wanted to do it and still wants to do it herself, which makes me worry if she is eating enough or not. She eats all the time, but is it enough. So she is a little over 20 lbs at 1 year old. So I am not sure if she is just tall and dainty for her age. Or if she needs to start putting on weight. Just concerned!

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Dr. Andrijana Shterjovska

The weight you reported for your daughter (10lbs, 1 year old) is quite all right. The babies increase their weight significantly during the first year of the life. Once they reach one year, and especially when they start walking, they start to explore the world around them in a very active manner. So, your child simply does not have much time for eating and he uses much more calories because of the increased physical activity. This usually results in increasing weight loss. Of course, the child would keep on putting on weight, but it would be at reduced speed. If the child does not lose weight, and is completely healthy (no infections present), then you have nothing to worry about.

You might want to take your child to a pediatrician for a physical examination. There are growth/weight curves that can tell the expected weight and height for the age. The pediatrician would simply check the data and tell you whether your child has the right height and weight for his or her age.

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