tubes tied, cut and burned , what can i do to get pregnant?


If my tubes are tied, cut and burned is the something that can be done to.get pregnant again?

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Dr. Madhumita Avinash Paul

Welcome to ehealthforum,
If you have been planning for pregnancy, you should consider visiting your gynecologist/obstetrician and go ahead with getting further evaluation done along with a HSG (hysterosalpingogram) to check the patency of the fallopian tubes (as chances of spontaneous recanalization is a possibility). If the test shows that the fallopian tubes are patent, (along with normal functioning of ovaries), you can go ahead with your pregnancy plans. If tubes are blocked, and non-patent (as shown by the HSG test result), then you will have to undergo surgery for tubal reversal to make them patent and then try for pregnancy. If you do not intend to go ahead with surgery or if tubal reversal is not possible, you can opt for options like IVF/ICSI. Visit your gynecologist/obstetrician at the earliest for further clarification and assistance.
Take care.

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