Period And Cervix


Just a question.

First, I believe the cervix lowers and softens during a woman's period.

I've always had what I called a "shelf" on the back wall of my vagina. It feels sharp sometimes, as though it is fleshy with cartilage inside of it.

I use a divacup when on my period, that's how I really began noticing this "shelf".

Well, tonight I was placing my cup back in, and I always have to stick a finger in there and rotate to get it to pop open. Usually I try to get the cup to lay over the shelf so it sits higher.

Well I sort of explored that shelf a little more tonight (with cup inside! It just kinda happened). It was very squishy, and round. And then I found a hole in the middle and poked my finger inside of it slightly A hidden part of my vagina perhaps?... before realizing it was probably my cervix and I probably shouldn't be sticking my finger in there O.o

Yeah so... anyone else ever accidentally poked a finger through their cervix before!? I didn't go far, maybe half the tip of my pointer finger IF that.

This brings up another question though, because if that IS my cervix... it's not pointing the way it does in diagrams! It's kinda pointing like a wall right towards my stomach, not a ceiling going downward out of the vagina. I've never had a gyno comment on it before, so I assume it's fine. Just curious.

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i really dont know about any of this as i dont really explore my insides....
but whats a divacup?
never heard that word before.


A divacup is a menstrual device! It's a small silicone cup with a pointed bottom, shaped a little like a rounded cone or and upside down gothic arch. Anyway, it catches menstrual flow instead of sucking it up or letting it fall to a pad. You empty it about twice a day, once when you wake up and once before you go to bed Smile

It helps maintain the vagina's natural lubrication (unlike tampons which tend to make everything dry and uncomfortable). It also reduces the smell, unlike pads which make you smell like dying flowers and/or a meat market.


Don't worry about it, when I went for my first pap test my nurse told me that my cervix was in an odd position (she had a name for it but I can't remember that now) I asked what that would mean for me, if it was dangerous or anything but she said it wasn't, a lot of peoples uterus's aren't in the exact position that diagrams show, meaning that the cervix isn't either, it doesn't affect anything, other than making the pap a little more difficult for my poor nurse apparantly lol Very Happy


That's interesting-

Some women's cervixes (however you spell that plural) do face differently and it doesn't really matter except can sometimes cause birth complications.

But personally, it seems a little odd to me that you could get your finger in your cervix- I know for a fact that I can't feel the hole in my cervix, I got very intimate with it when I had an IUD and had to feel my cervix for the strings, I knew it was my cervix because it was hard and had the strings coming out the middle, and all I felt was a tiny indent, not a hole. And if you're on depo, one of the ways that it protects is that it covers the hole with thick sticky mucus. I think if sperm couldn't even get in there, how could your finger?

But on the other hand, I'm not a doctor! You could've gotten it in there I guess. I know for me, I can get my fingers in between my cervix (it sticks out a little into your vagina) and the vaginal wall. Could that be it? Oh well.

Your cervix should feel like the tip of your nose, it's cartilage. It shouldn't really be squishy. But it does shift and change in sensitivity throughout your cycle, so who really knows?


I'm not on depo yet... It felt like lots of squishy flesh covering something hard I suppose. I have no idea what it was! I just know there wasn't any resistance so I could have gone farther, but didn't. I always thought the hole was small too. So who knows!



"Divacup: Introducing women to their cervixes since 19XX!"


where do you get this DIVACUP? Is it over the counter?


I am still sad I haven't been able to use mine yet. No period in three months!!

You can google it and buy it on their website. Also on the website is a list of stores that carry it, though there aren't too many so you might have to buy it online.


Yea, search in yahoo or google for Divacup and you should get their homepage. It is over-the-counter so you just need a credit or bank card!

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I love that you discovered a 'shelf' while using a menstrual cup. That's exactly what happened to me. I thought I had discovered some strange lump but I'm glad to see it's meant to be there.

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