smelling cigarette smoke for the past week.


Hello, I have been smelling cigarette smoke for the past week. I havent smoked for about 2 months now and no-one else in the house smokes, so it isnt a real smell. I dont take any medication and dont have any allergies and am otherwise fit and well. What is wrong with me? Am I going mad??

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Dr. Madhumita Avinash Paul

Welcome to ehealthforum,
Sometimes the smoke smell can get stuck to clothes and surrounding environment. Consider using clothes fresher or conditioner for clothes and room fresheners (after washing and drying clothes in sun). If the symptoms still persist, then you should consider getting thorough evaluation done by an ENT surgeon to look for the underlying cause. Treatment as indicated (based on examination findings and investigations results) would be started to help you control the symptoms. Be in regular monitoring and follow-up with your treating doctor/ENT specialist and report any new/abnormal symptoms immediately. Drink plenty of water. Take adequate rest.
Take care.


I get that when I have a terrible sinus infection, and have lost my sense of smell and taste.
I am glad to read I am not the only person who has this problem.


Wow, I have been going through the very same thing!! I am glad to hear that someone else is going through it. I think what have read is a neurological problem. I found a site a while ago, and I will look again. Let's try again and keep in touch.



PLEASE READ if you are having this issue of smelling, sometimes tasting cigarette smoke when none are around and you don't smoke, nor anyone around you. My husband and I have been researching and journaling since last March (2016). He's literally felt like he was going insane for a while now, being terrorized by the thing he HATES, cigarettes, not knowing where it was coming from or how to fix it.
After journaling his diet, stress, chemicals he's around, the smell, what time of day it happens, how long and it's intensity...
You guys, these things are TOXIC, causes neurological issues and can be cancerous. Flip over the box, the ingredients ARENT EVEN LISTED. After seeing hundreds of people with this problem (phantom smoke smell) and no one having answers, we were even more hopeless. We saw ONE guy mention dryer sheets and my husband had a lightbulb go off. I had, for a while now, had been using like 4,5,6 dryer sheets with each load of laundry thinking the more I use, the fluffier the clothes We re washed all of our clothes, ALL, and our bedding and went chemical free as well with laundry detergent (no fabric softener) and even with our deodorant & bath products....5 days of NO SMOKE SMELL OR TASTE!!!
I'll keep y'all posted on the progress but if you were or are where my husband was psychologically due to this phantom smell issue, surrounded by doctors who had no clue what was up....I pray this helps!!

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