Smell of sulfur when I fart, and bleed



I have a very strange question that's been bugging me for a while, and Googling is really hard (I've found) to get an answer to this question:

I itch quite a bit analy (which isn't really the question or topic). I've had the itch for about ten years, and I know why, as I've had periods where I don't, so it just bubbles down to my own scattered brain to keep the routine I need to avoid it.

HOWEVER: Whenever I've scratched or dried so that I (externally) bleed, whenever I fart, the farts ALWAYS smells like sulfur (burnt). Is there anyone who can help me with a scientific explanation to the specific smell occuring in these situations? It really boggles me, and I find it hard to belie that it's just a random combination or blood and methane causing a smell identical to sulfur..

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Dr. Kokil Mathur

Hi, and thanks for your query on eHealth forum!

Sulfur smell is seen in diabetes, liver problems, consumption of food rich in sulfur dioxide (used as preservative in certain food items) and vitamin B12 deficiency.

Also, if during periods you bleed from the anus, then you need to get this investigated. This happens due to a condition called endometriosis where the tissue which lines the uterus is present in other places and bleeds during menses.

Anal itch can also be due to worms in gut.

It looks like you have a number of problems, which need to be investigated as soon as possible as these can cause serious problems if not treated.

Please consult your healthcare provider for further guidance. This reply to your query is just for education and counseling purposes and cannot be an alternative to actual visit and treatment by a doctor who can examine you. Hope this helped you in making an informed decision about your health. Take care!


Hi Dr. Mathur!

First off, the bleeding is only external, due to bad habits of scratching and drying with toilet paper too roughly. Unfortunately, the anus is an erogenous zone, so it's hard not to.

Secondly, I'm male. So I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with my uterus.

Thirdly, this happens specifically when I bleed. Like I can fart wihout the smell, then scratch, start to bleed and then the smell is there instantly.

Please don't make any assumptions about details before asking for the answer to them. It's very scary to think you would as a doctor..

Answered by:
Dr. Kokil Mathur

I am sorry, it slipped my attention that gender was not mentioned in the query. I took your statement "as I've had periods where I don't" as meaning that in some periods-you have normal ones and do not bleed from anus.

If the smell comes only when you bleed, then it could be due to sulfur forming bacteria. Apply local antibacterial cream. It is also important to rule out diabetes, liver problems, consumption of food rich in sulfur dioxide (used as preservative in certain food items) and vitamin B12 deficiency.

Hope this helps! Take care!

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