Small children and toilet training


My son is 4 years old. He is always potting his pants when he needs to poop. He will have streeks in his underware, but when you put him on the toilet he can not and will not poop. We have tried Merolax and the doctors around here dont care and cant give us a answer. I realy need some help on this.

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Dr. Ana Aleksovska

Hi and welcome to the forum! I am glad that I can help you.

You want to know the cause of the symptoms that your son experiences.

Small children take to control of urination and defecation normally until the age of 5. Mostly, children start to practice the control of these physiological processes at the age of 2 and at this age diapers should be used less and also avoided after the age of 2 years. Children should be taught how to use the toilet. This process is long and parents should have patience and they should try to avoid scolding. If children still experience the inability to control defecation, pediatricians should be consulted to exclude any underlying medical condition.

Please keep in mind that I provide medical information only. I am not able to diagnose medical conditions online. Please contact your son's pediatrician for further advice and information about diagnosis and treatment options.

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