Severely compacted


Hi I haven't been able to pass a bowel movement for two weeks now and it has been followed by vomiting and stomach pain, I had gotten an X-ray and they said I was severely compacted. They then put me on merilax (Probably not correct spelling) but It hasn't seemed to be helping so Instead of taking it once a day I've been taking it once every hour (with permission) But It still hasn't helped I got to see the doctor soon but everything we have tried hasn't helped, is there anything you suggest?

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Deepak Anvekar

If you are suffering from fecal impaction, and the above mentioned measures have not helped, then the best way to manage the condition would be to relieve the impaction either with finger evacuation or with means of enemas.

Hence consult your doctor or visit the ER at the earliest and seek a proper opinion.


Thanks for asking !

Have you tried to do a colon cleanse, i had in the past the same issue and was resolved after natural home remedy for colon cleanse.

Otherwise i advise you to consult a doctor !

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