safe to use the ear drops now or get my ear reevaluated



A month and a half ago I was having jaw pain and went to see my doctor. He looked in my ear for some reason and my right ear was blocked with wax. They flushed my ear and gave me Cortisporin Otic stating I had swimmers ear. I lost the medication before using it, but since the pain didn't really change from the flushing and I didn't mind it. I found it recently and someone told me I should not have delayed in treating it. I've been having about the same level of ear and jaw pain. I wanted to know if it is safe to use the ear drops now or should I get my ear reevaluated by the doctor before using them. Is it safe to use a month and a half later or would the infection have gotten worse since I didn't use it immediately?

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Deepak Anvekar

If your symptoms are the same as before, then you can do a trial run with the medication given to you for a day or two.

If it does not help even after 2 days, then consult your ENT doctor for a examination and proper opinion.

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