Right side pain after appendectomy


I'm 18 years old. 3 years ago I had my appendix removed. 4 weeks after the surgery, I started getting pain in my right side in the area where the appendix was. 3 years and multiple doctors later, the pain is worse than ever. It's not a matter of when I get it, it's when it's not as bad. I have it all the time. Severe stabbing and cramping pain. I can't go to school 3 out 5 days a week. It's unbearable. Vicodin, etc doesn't touch it. No painkillers do. One doctor now says scar tissue that's cramping my abdomen and told me to take fiber. A pain management doctor is treating me for nerve entrapment from the surgery. I had one shot in the nerve a month ago that took the pain away for 5 days. The next shot did nothing. Anyone else go through this?

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Have you had an x-ray since having your appendix removed?


I've been dealing with a similar issue for the last 15 years! My pain comes and goes, but sometimes its fairly constant for months at a time (and then I can go a year without any pain). I had an appendectomy when I was 4 and believe this is the cause (at least in part) of my pain. Pain meds and nerve blocks don't provide significant relief. Insurance wouldn't approve a TENs UNIT, but that is something you may want to look into. At this point I may be having additional surgery to determine the cause/hopefully resolve the issue. Hardest part is getting the doctors to believe there is an issue. Honestly, it helps to know that I'm not the only one with this issue. Good luck & stay proactive on your treatment... don't take no for an answer, you know your body better than anyone else (even if they have an "M.D." after their name. Don't let it suck a way your college years like it did mine!!


yea, I had my appendix out the day before new years. I get an occasional dull pain in the place where my appendix was. I am assuming that it is scar tissue. I had laroscopic surgery, so, maybe that is why my pain is a little more bearable. It is annoying though. I often feel pressure building where my appendix was. When I put pressure on it, I hear gurgling like there is a trapped pocket of air or stool that can't move. I dunno, I've had a bad experience with doctors over my appendix. I had chronic appendicitis. My appendix would build up pressure, giving me severe stomach aches for 10-15 hrs, then it would release the pressure making the stomach ache go away. I had a colonoscopy done and the doctor found nothing and suggested I take metamucil. Taking metamucil was the dumbest idea ever because it is basically a laxative and didn't help my stomach. It took 7 months of pain to get the diagnosis right........ As long as I can poop and breathe successfully, I'm not going to the doctor to spend a ton of money......


What was your diagnosis?


I had my appendix and my ovary taken out about a year and a half ago. I still getting the dull or sharp intermintant pains in the lower right quadrant from time to time. I went back for a CT scan one year after the surgery and it came back clean and normal. I just figure it is most likely scar tissue that might get irritated and get inflammed from time to time. I notice when I eat more fruits and veggies the pain seems to lessen quite a bit or disappear altogether. (many fruits and veggies have anti inflammatory properties) I also notice if I eat alot of sugar or cheese or if I get constipated it will ache. Also if I have a heavey period it sometimes aches then as well. I hope this helps. My sister had her appendix taken out when she was a teen, and then in her twenties, she had soo much pain, she went in to the Dr and he found alot of scar tissue and had to remove it . She so far hasnt had any more trouble and she is almost 40 now. I hope this helps and good luck to all


I had mine out 10 months ago and I am 28. It was not laparoscopic. I have never had pain like I did when the appendix was inflamed but I have had some occasional pain, somewhat dull pain. I find it is worse before a bm especially a larger one. I also have noticed a connection to my cycle. I do think it helps to gently massage the area. My doctor did not seem concerned when I told her. My theory is there is scar tissue and perhaps some stuff gets stuck. I hope it gets better with time and not worse!


I got my appendix taken out in mid-June and ever since, I have had abdominal pain where the appendix used to be that comes and goes. It seems like it happens everyday but it is mostly tolerable until recently. Here lately when the pain comes it hurts so bad it can drop me to my knees, and I can usually take pain. My appendicitus was caused by a tumor though and I didnt know if the pain I was having was normal. It has been about 4 months since the surgery. When I had my post-op the Dr. said it felt like everything healed well so maybe I should just go back to the Dr. and see what is up....I am a little worried.


I had my appendix out in March09 and it took me about 2months before i was feeling close to normal. I have often felt a dull ache where the appendix was. In the last few months i have had severe pain where my appendix was (the same pain that was felt before the operation), it lasts for an hour and then goes away, in this hour i can barely move or walk. This happened the other day and twice before, i went to the doctors, had blood tests and an ultrasound, but nothing showed. Has anyone else had similar symptoms?


yes i have been having lot of pain n heaviness in the appendix region post operation which was nearly 3v weeks ago-also fever-theDoc says alls well buti know that something is wrong-i need help


Have any of you figured out what the pain is? I have the same pain on my lower right side. Its the same pain I felt when I had a ruptured appendix. mine comes and goes. Once or twice a month i will have pretty severe pain for about 4-7 days at a time. I had my ruptured appendix out Sept 15,2009 laproscopically.. I ad a CT scan, and a colonoscopy done in November for the pain-they found nothing. Im a worrier and this pain isnt helping issues! So any help would be appreciated!


Well I'm in the same boat as you guys really, I had my appendix out 21st November,2009. My recovery was horrific, I couldn't walk, constantly running to the toilet when ever I moved, needed help getting out of bed etc, worst time of my life really. I've had the same pain that everyone is mentioning here, the stabbing pain where the appendix used to be, it seems to me though that its related to scar tissue? I have probably only had 2 weeks of no pain since my surgery, and I'm really getting over it.
Just wondering though, does anybody have joint pain in their hands? sometimes I feel as though the bones in my hands are burning, not sure if thats associated ( I do have a low pain threshold)


I had a laproscopic appendectomy just over 3 months ago now (5th Sept 09), but ever since something hasn't been right. The appendix never burst but was enflamed, I made a good and very quick recovery and was sent home less than 16 hours after having it out. I suffered pain whilst recovering, but only when getting in and out of bed, otherwise i delt with it fine.
Since then though, I've had a pain very similar to the appendix pain in the appendix area, I have it almost everyday now, with it ranging from a dull ache to agony. I've since also had thrush, bacterial vaginosis, urine infections and such which i have never had before i had my appendix removed. I was healthier before!! I had a transvaginal scan which was to check my ovaries because i started worrying about my fertility) but they looked fine. Since my operation I have only had 1 period (which was a few weeks ago now) the rest of the time it never came - which is why i was worried about my fertility. i'm concerned about why this has been happening and am booked to see the doctor next week to discuss what it may be. I have been a lot of times since my appendectomy to be put on antibiotics but none of them know what could be causing this.

I'm quite glad to see that other people have had it because i thought i was completely abnormal, did anyone get a diagnosis?


Our nephew had appendix removed 2 years ago laperoscopically and seemed to recover fine until short time after he began developing all kinds of symptoms ranging from heart racing, abdominal pain, vertigo, trouble tolerating certain foods, and in general, not feeling well for any length of time. After numerous doctors, specialists, tests, and hospital stays, his doctor wanted him to go to Mayo Clinic. While waiting for appointment he developed severe abdominal pain with vomiting, and after again ct scans, two different hospital stays, all within 3 days, one place said he had perfroated appendix, then changed their minds and released him with abdominal pain, again to send him to another specialist. Thank God someone knew someone who worked at still another local hospital and told his wife to take him there and ask for this particular surgeon. Net result, after doing an emergency exploratory, found he still had part of his appendix, which had now hardened and had developed stones. He just had surgery this am and we are all hoping and praying he is on way to full recovery.
Good luck to all of you who are in such pain...keep looking for a doctor who will LISTEN. God knows its getting harder and harder...and a bleak outlook with Obama care. Pray for this medical field who is becoming more state run.


I'm In the same boat. but really confused. I've had an unnecessary appendectomy. a misdiagnosis of appendicitis. the DR or surgeon was quite rude. and excuse my language but he wad quite an ........ its been 4 months since my surgery, and I'm not quite sure what to do... if I have to think I'd say the DR really messed me up. I didn't find out thst it wasnt appendicitis til my new general surgeon told me.. all the other surgeon did was wish me death and left he told me he never wanted to see me again. I'm think he punctured my intestines or something. and fixed it because when he wad done with surgery my sisters said he was really pale and scared nervous. right now I'm going under so MuCh studies. and this monday I'm being checked for all kinds of cancer. . also yesterday I went for a ultrasound and the lady saw something she turned the screen then left the room came back and said the screen makesyou see things that aren't there. I don't know but they misdiagnosed me for appendicitis. so I'm sure getting 2 3 and 4th opinions if needed. anyway the pain I'm experiencing on is pressure sharp stabbing pain sometimes feels like I'm being stabbed on the part where my appendix use to be. and feels like my gutgare being ripped out... I've gotten problems urinating. I have diarrhea all the time severe pain on my back swelling and bloating ofmy stomach mainly on my right side and a stabbing constant pain on my right rib cage as if it wad punctured pain pressure pelvic area and belly button.

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