Pregnant while breastfeeding ?


i just gave birth last august 6, 2009 and had my bledding for 2 weeks and had my first menstrual period last September 21, 2009, and today is October 22, i still no menstration.. It is posiible that i am pregnant now???? i am breasfedding, it is still safe to breastfeed?

and another concern is that, sometimes i was accidentally poke my baby's head but not the soft part, in some part, just worried if it is dangeous cause she is only 10 weeks now.., i poke it few times, (with the side of the table and the door when i opening and now my figners).. really worried if it will cause harm for her..., thanks and looking forward for your reply...

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Dr. Kokil Mathur

Hello and welcome to eHealth Forum! Congratulations too on becoming a mother!

Well, motherhood does change things drastically. You would now need to move past those things carefully that you breezed through. You have to be careful that your baby’s head does not hit anything. Normally nothing may happen by a gentle hit but it can be dangerous too. If your baby is fine, nothing would have happened until now, but please be careful.

Well it is normal to have periods once (Sept 21) and then the periods to stop as you are breastfeeding the baby. Yes it is absolutely safe to breastfeed the baby when you have no periods now. It is unlikely you are pregnant. The periods have stopped due to hormonal changes caused by breast feeding and this also acts as a natural contraception. However to be on safe side use an additional method of contraception as this amenorrhea (no periods) due to breastfeeding is not 100% foolproof method of contraception.

Discuss this with your gynecologist and do not start the birth control pills on your own. Some of them may harm the baby and others may decrease milk production. Hope this helps. Take care!

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