possible Colon Cancer !?


Hi, I am new here saw the site while searching. I am going to try and keep this short but I have a rather complex story and REALLY NEED YOUR HELP!! PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR FEEDBACK I AM VERY WORRIED. Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this.

It started out about 5 years ago. I went on the Atkins diet (mostly meat) for a year and lost a bunch of weight. Since then I have had MANY unexplained problems. After almost a year on the diet I started to get constant constipation then after a few months one day I woke up and had pain in my sides months later slowly spread to my whole body. I also lost my physical strength and started to get chronically fatigued beyond belief. Soon after I started feeling very out of it most of the time. I went to many Dr’s they did all the basic blood work along with advanced blood work. By the time they were done they had a blood work file about 3 inches thick and could not find anything. I also developed an enlarged prostate during this time and “prostatitis” with cause unknown. Just recently they finally diagnosed me with Fibromylagia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I am now disabled and cannot work. I have sever all over body pain every waking hour, stiffness and fatigue. I also now have very little balance/coordination and my muscle strength is very low. My memory also is very poor now along with thinking ability.

Recently I have been studying my constant bowel symptoms. I spoke of my concern of colon cancer with my Dr he basically said I was too young. I am now 25 years old. He brushes off my bowel symptoms like he brushes off my all over body pain, all over muscle twitches and extreme fatigue. He says I just have IBS and hemroids causing the bowel stuff and the fibromyalgia causing the constipation and other stuff.

My stool is very similar to deer droppings, it has been for years now. It is always in a few small pieces that are oddly and distinctively shaped. I have frequent red blood on and off, pain while and before going, constant heavy mucus, abnormal smell, and anal discharge that is clear and sticky also with a very abnormal smell. I also usually have darker stool color. They did the stool test where they test for blood a while back and found nothing. I find this very hard to believe because there was clearly blood visible on the outside of the stool when put in the sample tube. I really feel like they are missing something serious and all my pain, fatigue and bowel symptoms are from something more serious then just fibromyalgia. I am extremely frustrated and will keeping looking for a second and third opinion as my overall health is steadily declining.

I have no diarrhea, no current weight loss and blood work many months ago seems to be normal. Does the no weight loss and normal blood work rule out forms of cancer such as colon cancer? If colon cancer was a possibility could it have been overlooked? Does a strange sticky discharge and odd smell relate to colon cancer? Should I really keep ignoring the strong message my body is sending me? My feelings are the Dr’s are not on the right track. My insurance is poor (now state ins) so the Dr’s that I do see are in my opinion not properly trained but what do I know?

Again thanks for taking the time, looking forward to your replys


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Do you take fiber supplements for constipation?

What's your diet like?

Do you usually get sense of fullness?


MandMs wrote:
Do you take fiber supplements for constipation?

What's your diet like?

Do you usually get sense of fullness?

I do not take fiber supplements. I tried taking more fiber and it does not help much so I gave up and started to accept this condition. I know if I overeat my bowel consistency appears to turn more normalized. The less I eat the more constipated I become.

I am not sure if I get an irregular sense of fullness or not its hard to say. Probably not because I still often overeat.

I normally eat pretty regular foods, honey bunches of oats in the am, normal types of food for lunch and dinner including vegetables exc. I do not do Atkins anymore. If you asked me about Atkins I would tell you it works for loosing weight but I feel this condition of "fibromyalgia" and "chronic fatigue" was a result of it somehow. I also know that a lot of red meat raises your risk of colon cancer.

One more thing last night I forgot the mention. There is a strange effect on my condition with any kind of alcohol consumption. This started soon after my condition started. Alcohol makes me very sick the next day and amplifies my symptoms tremendously. I am talking about 1 beer or less not about drinking enough to even get a buzz. The main things that stick out the next morning or even later that night would be strong muscle twitching all over my body and an extreme ach all over. Before my condition I never had any kind of problem consuming it. I think if I can figure out why this happens I can have a better idea of what is causing the FM and bowel stuff in the first place.

I also use to get night sweats . At the same time I am very intolerable to any cold or even semi cold temperatures. The cold is very painful and I typically have cold hands now. I suspect it has something to do with my low energy level.

Before this all happened I was VERY healthy and strong.

Thanks for your reply.


Although, fibromyalgia and accompanying CFS, can start without an obvious physical trigger, usually, they follow trauma, infection, stressing and even consumption of certain types of food can promote the excitatory of these conditions (animal proteins and fatty acids; the chemicals in the body that mediate inflammation and pain are made from fatty acids).

I think you don't need to worry about having colon cancer.
Very hard, pebble-like stools, covered in stringy mucous are symptoms of IBS, as your doctor already told you (the dark color of your stool is due to constipation, stool is often dark because they have been sitting in the intestines for a prolonged time).
Fibromyalgia is often associated with IBS, affecting as many as 70% of fibromyalgia sufferers.
Muscle twitching, cold hands and feet are symptoms of fybromyalgia.
Many fibromyalgia sufferers tend to have alcohol intolerance, and just one glass of alcohol can make them feel worse for days.

Are you experiencing abdominal cramping and bloating?

Do you get relief from that after having bowel movement?

Do you usually get the feeling of incomplete bowel movements, like having urge for bowel movement after you had one?


Hi, and thanks for the reply. I do not seem to get the symptoms that you listed if I do they are not well pronounced. It is hard to tell anymore like for example when the Dr asks me where does it hurt, it huts EVERYWHERE. The symptoms that you list do not seem to stick out in my mind but I have so many symptoms it's hard to keep track. Every part of my body or systems in my body has been giving some type of problem and that’s not an exaggeration. From my eyes to ears, from my muscles to my brain. I have some few days where I think sharply but most of the time its very foggy and my memory is now become awefull! I remember it was so bad I would have to bring a note sheet to my Dr on my symptoms and he thought that I must have been making them up that’s why I needed the note sheet!!!! That would really upset me so I would then try without it and forget most of what I was going to tell them!

What I often think about is IF it was something more life threatening then FM after having it for 5 years I would have probably seen weight loss or abnormal basic blood panel tests? I have done much research on FMS since being diagnosed and my symptoms match up very well but my concern was maybe something else is causing the FMS.

The thing that scares me about CC is that I learned red meat will greatly increase your chances of getting it and I had been on the strict meat diet for a year when it started. I also remember when it started I had a lot of stress and I could no longer sleep. I also was having prostate problems that may have been some type of chronic prostate infections. They would give me antibiotics like cipro & others time and time again and my overall body symptoms would get better while on them and the odor of my stool would change from being abnormal back to normal. Eventually after months of going back and fourth we gave up. It got to a point where the antibiotics no longer would treat my overall symptoms. Like many I did have a accident about a year or so before my symptoms began. It was an accident on a four wheeler and I had my leg ripped open and it cut down to the bone. They stitched my muscles and leg back together.

There has been so many possible triggers that I could never know for sure. My FMS has been getting progressively worse and now instead of taking strong pain meds on and off I am having to take methadone every morning. Not only does it help greatly with pain but at the same time it gives me back some of my energy without it I would not even be able to take a shower or do anything.

Being so young and going from really good health to where I am now is very hard to accept. It even cost me the love of my life. After 5 years we broke up, I could no longer keep up with her and she could not understand my condition as even I could not understand at first. I would spend nights in the ER and go back and fourth to different dr’s while they told me nothing was wrong, it was all in my head and some did not even believe in FMS. They told me I needed a good physiatrist implying that it was just depression. I was on 6 different antidepressants with no change when I finally said enough was enough. Anyway..

Thanks for your time and consideration; God bless!



Many physician don't believe and many others don't know that fibromyalgia exists as a possible diagnosis.
I'm very sorry you need to go through a pain every day.
I hope things will be better for you.

Many blessings for you, too!



My cousin got colon cancer and he was only 28.
If you doctor doesn't think you have it, then maybe you don't?

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