polio in right leg


I�´m suffering from (polio) in my right leg only but i can walk probably good without any help or additional equipment and do my job in field.

Is my situation assumed as an excessive demande on health or social (for my immigration project if my situation assumed as excessive demand i'll be rejectd ?

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hi im suffering from polio too but in my left leg. i dont know what will happen someday if i get old because im 13. even i have a polio im still normal just my left leg is so different between my right leg. the way i walk its ok but theres really something different.


Hi Guys, I had polio when I was 18 months old as a baby. I too only had it in my right leg. I was really fit, I could do anything really as I got older in my 20's I was a butcher for years and I had to carry really heavy sides of beef off of the lorry's into the shop and never thought much about my condition until I got older at about 45 I started to fall over for no apparent reason. I asked my GP/Doctor and he thought I was going made until one day he sent me to a specialist and he diagnosed me with 'PPS' (post polio syndrome). Since then I just got weaker and weaker so be careful not to burn yourself out when your young as it could effect your latter life. Please God you don't go on to get it, not everyone gets it. Jim.

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