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Hi All. I'm an endocrinologist working in a clinic for 2 years. The most difficult and exhausting for me in my work is paperwork. I waste the time, which could be dedicated to my clients, on my billing. Would be grateful if you share your personal experience in managing billing. I guess, this will be helpful not to me only but to everyone.

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I'm not sure that you are on the right forum,but some people maybe help to you.
I follow one and the most important rule - bill out daily. I think, it's obvious. If you do it regularly, you won't miss details and keep the billing under control.


Yes, it's true. Regular billing out will relieve you from paperwork to be accumulated. But this won't grant you will not have your claims denied. In case you faced some issues, you can add a client to your conversation, e.g. three-way call, usually this will give you positive results.


We had a conversation on this same topic with my colleagues. We came to the conclusion that its easier and more effective to use services provided by professionals. This gives profit to every side.


Do you mean that you send your billing to those companies using a special software or what?

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