plan b doesn't work if i'm ovulating. True or False


So last night my boyfriend and i had unprotected sex and he usually pulls out but last night he didn't for some reason and he came inside of me. We get up take a shower and go to Walgreens for a plan b which I take immediately. This is literally the second time my whole life taking it the first time was a few months back . We had sex going on 12:00am from Sunday 6/11 going on 6/12( today) im ovulating as of 6/12 my cousin who is a CNA told me if your ovulating plan b doesn't really work because it's suppose to delay the ovulation and isn't effective if I'm ovulating already. My period isn't expected for another few weeks the 24th to be exact and her telling me what she did kinda freaked me out and has me nervous I'm not going to be upset but I just kinda wanted another opinion is it true what she said about the plan b ? What are my odds could I possibly be pregnant

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I think a second effect of PlanB is to make changes to the lining of the uterus making it less receptive to implantation. PlanB claims to be 89% effective taken right after the incident. It also will likely change your next menstruation.

If your next period does not show up on time and you have some early pregnancy signs it will be time to run a couple of home pregnancy tests at one week intervals. Please buy some condoms and vaginal spermicide and insist on their proper use. Pull out sex is not good contraception.


What would be early pregnancy signs ?


Early pregnancy signs start a weekish before your next period and are similar in many ways to PMS. Common are weird cramps, unusual fatigue, more frequent peeing, changes to breasts and nips, emotions, appetite and smells, feelings of nausea and dizziness, hot flashes, lotion discharge. Wait until your period is late or light before running a test.


So I got my period a week early but it's kinda light and had been on and off should I be worried about this ? I've been off birth control for maybe 4 months now and my period has been regular even the last time I took a plan b it was regular


Since you do not use any birth control, only a pregnancy test can tell.


I would take a pregnancy test just to be sure, but plan B can cause earlier periods as well as heavier/lighter periods.

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