Parents have green eyes , 4 year old girl has brown eyes


My wife and I both have green eyes and our 4 year old girl has brown eyes. Should I get a dna test to prove that I am the father?

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Dr. Kokil Mathur

Hi, and thanks for your medical question on eHealth forum!

Color of iris (eye) alone cannot explain whether the child is yours or not. Iris color is governed by multiple genes and it is possible for both parents with green or blue eyes to have a child with brown eyes. The pattern of color inheritance of eye is very complex and hence this can happen. However, if in doubt, you can consult an expert in hereditary traits. Hope this helps. Take care!


I have 3 kids and 2 of them have blue eyes 1 brown eyes, thier father and i both have brown eyes and he is thier father. My mother has blue eyes so do his brothers, so eye color doesnt matter. Eye color dosent mean that the kid is not yours. Hope this helps!

Do you suspect that your wife has cheated, has she cheated in the past that you know about? If their is no reason to think that ur wife has cheated, then dont think it, it can ruin a relationship fast!


Sure, but it's not as random as you say. Brown is dominant. Since your mother has blue eyes, she could only have passed you a blue gene. Blue is only shown when you recieve two recessive genes. Your genes were Bb (B is dominant, b is recessive) because your eyes show brown, but you had to have a 'b' gene since your mother had blue eyes. So your children could recieve either a B or a b from you. If some of your children have blue eyes, then your husband also had Bb. Blue will show in your child only if they recieve two 'b' genes. But they could recieve BB, bB, or Bb and any of these combos will show brown.

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