My alt goes to 100 and then back down again,


My alt goes to 100 and then back down again, I've had my liver scanned and bloods for hepatitis etc and all normal. I have had bad diarrhea for 12 days and my alt is high again. What could this be?

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Deepak Anvekar

Welcome to e health forum.

For your information the referance range of SERUM ALP (alkaline phosphatase) lies in the range of 45 to 115 U/L.

At least 2.5% of healthy individuals without liver disease will have an elevated levels of liver enzymes. These asymptomatic states are benign and no treatment is required.

Based on your history it does not seem that you have any major liver disease.

The loose stools could be due to indigestion, food poisoning, stress related irritable bowel syndrome or other issues which need to be ruled out with proper medical evaluation.

Consult your doctor for a proper opinion, regarding your diarrhea.

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