morning BP is 115/72 in evening it's higher


in the morning my BP is 115/72 in the evening it's 142/82
I'm not on any BP this normal

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Muhammad Khalil

Hello and Welcome

I appreciate your concern.

Check your B.P weekly for 2 months and note the readings. if persistent elevation exist, low dose thiazide diuretics and/or ARBs can be started. Take 1 mg lorazepam before going to sleep, it could be accumulated stress

Let me know if you have any query

wishing you best of health




In such cases where there is difference between morning and evening blood pressure, it is advisable to check if there is some difference lies between left arm and right arm BPs or not.
Kindly check the variations and then only I would like to make any comment any further.


My friend had this same pattern, had it looked at by a doctor and it was in fact accumulated stress combined with excessive amounts of caffeine consumption. He was able to help control his BP by cutting back on the caffeine and taking breaks during the day at work (during this time he was monitoring his BP very closely)

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