meds work, then don't work at all and raise blood pressure.


My father aged 73 (weight 105, height 6ft) suffering from high blood pressure 150/80, 160/90, 180/100, 220/120, other conditions during high bp are gastric pain in chest, frequent urination coldness on feet etc. However once blood pressure comes down like 120/80, all conditions also disappear. We visited couple of medicine specialist, heart specialist etc. any medicine (e.g. Norvasc, Tanormin, Zestril) suggested by Dr. work fine for 3-4days but then it don't work at all and instead raise blood pressure. Due to this he can not remain consistent one medication, Dr. keeps on changing medicine but some how it don't works and finally he quit the Dr. Before BP tablet used to work perfectly fine for 6-12 month at least but now this cycle trim down to week or couple of days only. All test reports like LFT, Blood CP, Hepatitis, ECG, Echo are normal unless high level of cholesterol and lower vitamin D. Can you suggest another test to trace exact cause of abnormal blood pressure, many thank

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Dr. Madhumita Avinash Paul

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He should consider taking renal function test along with ultrasound scan to rule out chances of renal artery stenosis affecting blood pressure. Adrenal gland hormonal check will also help in identifying any abnormalities. For further clarification and assistance visit his doctor/healthcare provider.
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