may I take pepto bismol on antibiotics?


I have been on 300mg on clindamicyn for five days. The first few days, I had little to no symptoms. Things are changing rapidly. My stools are watery (which the doctor warned me about). My deepest worry is now an irritated throat and my mouth feels like it is burning. I also get terrible acid reflux within minutes of taking the antibiotics. I have been taking every dose with a probiotic gummy and a probiotic yogurt and I am still having acid reflux. My questions are: may I take pepto bismol on antibiotics? Are these symptoms unusual and raise concern? Can the tongue irritation be a result of eating very few (2) lemon candys today? Please help me achieve peace of mind! Your attention will be greatly appreciated!

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Muhammad Khalil

Hello and Welcome

I appreciate your concern

Yes peptobismol can be taken.
Omeprazole can be an alternative if peptobismol doesnt help.
Reflux symptoms with antibiotics can occur.
Tongue irritation is unlikely due to the lack of candies.

Wishing you best of health



Thank you! Can tongue irritation be caused by the acid reflux? Or should I check in with a doctor about thrush?

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