Knot in baby's chest


My friend has a 2 month old infant who constantly squirms and cries (constantly) - she even squirms in her sleep. Her dr. says she has colic. When I was letting her lay face up on my chest and rubbing her stomach and chest I could feel a "knot" when she would strain or cry. It feels about the size of a grape with the texture (hardness) of a boil or rising. It moves around so it doesn't feel like a bone and it's located slightly to the left of center and about 1 inch below the breast area. Her Mom says that she assumes it is part of her sternum - is it likely that it is or could it be something that is contributing to the excessive movement and crying because of pain?

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Dr. Ana Aleksovska

You want to know whether the reason for excessive movement and crying that your baby is experiencing pain.

Crying and squirming usually appear when a baby is hungry, need its diapers changed and when something hurts him/her. The cause of the pain usually comes from the abdomen, the throat or the ears.

According to the symptoms you described, squirming, crying and the “knot”, it doesn’t seem that the “knot” is the cause of crying and excessive movement. The “knot” may be a part of the child's sternum or rib.

You might consider seeing a doctor (pediatrician) for further diagnosis of the squirming and the crying. You may request a blood sample to rule out any infection, for example. Please keep in mind that I am not able to diagnose any medical condition online. Please contact a doctor or other healthcare provider such as a pediatrician for further diagnosis and medical treatment.

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