Itching after taking Plan B?


Last weekend, I had unprotected sex. I am on the minipill, however, I was nervous afterwards, so I took Plan B One-step about a day and a half after the sex. I was really light headed after taking it, and had a bit of a headache, but those are "normal" side effects from the pill. However, the morning after I took the pill, I started to experience a lot of itching around my vagina. I have no discharge, no sores, no strange smell, and no other symptoms; it's just very itchy down there. It doesn't itch all the time- it comes and goes. I read online that it could be caused by some sort of change in my vagina's pH, it could be caused by a yeast infection, or it could be some sort of sexually transmitted disease. However, with my only symptom being an itch that comes and goes, I don't know what it could be. Again, I have no discharge, no sores/lesions/blisters, and no odor. Just the itch.


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It sounds like you overdosed on some birth control hormones and are suffering some side effects.

If this itch is still there 10 days after you took Plan B, see your doctor to get tested for STDs and infections.

The correct backup method with the minipill is a condom, not another pill.

Best of luck!


Thanks! This is day 3 of itchiness. Is there anything I can do to calm the itchiness down there? I bought maximum strength vagisil anti-itch wipes... But they don't do too much. Any ideas? Thanks!


You did not really say what you mean by around your vagina? The outer lips, between your inner lips, inside your vagina, your clitoris? Do you have any signs of a yeast infection? Sometimes yeast can 'hide'. Can it be from shaving? Is it redder than normal? Is it perhaps from being too dry?

Wash with clean lukewarm water and your fingers. Go without panties when it is safe to do so (at least when you are sleeping). Avoid tight warm pants and nylons. Try an ice pack wrapped in a towel for relief, rather than scratching. If you suspect that it may be an allergy, try an antihistamine.


The itching is between all of the labia, inside and outside, and a little near the opening of the vagina. I don't really know the signs of a yeast infection other than itching and discharge. But I don't have any discharge that I can see. There isn't any itching inside of my vagina, just the outside.


Plan B will mess with your hormone levels that can cause dryness causing itchyness for a bit.

The hormones will normally be out of your system after 7 days, when a significant number of women will experience withdrawal bleeding. So my suggestion is still to give it until the hormones are out of your system, and then see your doctor if it does not go away.

You can also try a yeast infection treatment rather than the wipes. Try Monistat, the 3 or 7 day treatment.


Thank you so much! I've been really worried since Sunday, which was when the itch started. But thank you for the help!


What ended up happening? I currently have the same concern.


I too have the same problem. Can someone help me PLEASE. I got an external itch which i was very scared about. So i tried monistat & it BURNED SOOO SOOOO SOOOO SOOOOO BAD. I decided to go to a clinic after those 7 days and they told me i had bv and gave me metronidazole! .. and yeast pills just incase it brought on a yeast infection. That didnt help. So i went back a 2nd time and they said the bv cleared but i was having a yeast infection so they then gave me fluconazole. That didnt help the itching which started coming on and off.. slight but uncomfortable.. it comes every couple hrs. This is stressing me out and ruining my life i am damn near depressed what is wrong. I went back a third time and they culture tested and couldnt find anything wrong. Please help me. I also took plan b twice a month prior to and had amoxicillin prescribed for a toothache prior also. Help me please this is going on 4 months



I feel your pain, with having multiple doctor visits, and feeling like there is no end, but I can assure you there is. I too have dealt with itching after taking plan B, but it subsided after a few days- of no scratching "down there" and washing with only light soap and water. There are natural supplements you can take also, like lactobacillus, which help protect your immunity to bad bacteria.. As for recurring yeast infections, medications like amoxicillin can actually be a culprit in causing them. A lot of medications cause yeast infections as a side effect. I would say the less pills you are on, the better so your body can stabilize itself without so many OTC interactions. Make sure to wear cotton panties, and loose fitting clothes. I would stop the amoxicillin asap if you're still using it. And definitely stay away from vagisil and summer Eve wipes and cream, as these can cause further pH imbalances down there. Best of luck!


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Everyone's suggestions of wearing no panties, or cotton panties, and loose fitting clothes are great. You should also try some changes to your diet. Cut out sugar (yeast loves sugar), maybe add some cayenne, and eat more probiotics (probiotic pills, yogurt, kimchi, ...). Coconut oil is an antibacterial/antiviral that is helpful if used as a lotion "down there." Women have also had success treating yeast infections by putting cocnut oil on a tampon and inserting it inside of them. Make sure to use the best organic coconut oil you can find (especially if you don't like the smell of coconut oil).

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