Im missed my period. Am i pregnant?


Hi am i pregnant? I had my period last november 25,2017and it ended on november 30,2017. Me and my bf had sex on december 6,2017 and i should have my period on december 28 but im now 10 days delayed.I took pregnancy test twice it all came negative. The first was during the night and the second is during the morning but used the second urine but i didn't drink anything before my second urine. And i have no vaginal discharge.

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You don’t have a list of early pregnancy signs, even though you had sex in the fertile window. You could run another test a week from now, but chances are high it will still be negative. If this was first sex maybe your hormones got upset and are causing the delay.


Ive been urinating frequently. And after 2 days of taking my pregnancy test the other line was quite visible. And now im having some cramps.


The pregnancy test should be read within the specified 5 minutes and then thrown away. Frequent urination is a sign, but I would like to see unusual fatigue and changes in appetite, smells, breasts, nips, veins, gut function, emotions etc. before encouraging thoughts of pregnancy. Run that next test as suggested.


I had some sore nipples few days ag tho I took bloodtest and ultrasound and it was all negative 3 days ago.Is that means im not pregnant it's just some hormonal imbalance?


Right, negative blood test and ultrasound suggest you are skipping a cycle for some reason. If you don't get your end of January period you might talk to a doctor again to see what can be done to get back on track.

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