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There is a huge difference between having sex at 11 and getting your period at 11. The OP was having sex at 11. Not only is that illegal, it's incredibly harmful to her emotionally and physically (especially if she gets pregnant).


yes I know that there is a huge difference.. I didn't finish reading all the pages sorry, I thoguht they were still on the period thing.

Having sex at 11 is crazy! My mom gave me the sex talk at 11 but I didn't know what anything was, how to have sex, ect.
I had sex at 14 and regret it. I can't imagine having it at 11.. I'd prolly really regret especially since it's with a guy you most likely wont be with the rest of your life.


It's amazing how many people regret having sex at an early age. I did, too.


Resse wrote:
we just did it again yesterday, what should i do?

Stop having sex unless you take into consideration that you could possibly have a child and if that frightens you in any way, stop. This will probably be the only time I use something that even sounds like a a scare tactic but in your case, your eleven by law you can't even hold a real job until your at least 16.


Rolling Eyes She is right maybe when u get married u can experience it with ur husband together but now u have ruined it.


First off that's way too young i hope you know sex was made to have children don't believe me read the bible and you didnt even hit puberty so you cant have to add o he said youu may only have sex with your husband and you said boyfriend


I think you need protection and I think keep on doing what your doing. Just be careful!!! <3

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