Hx of hypertension, Feeling fight or flight, shakiness...


31 yr mother of 4. Hx of hypertension. Anfew years ago i started feeling adrenaline surges. Luckily one happened during a pcp visit and bp of 180/110 pulse 180 was recorded. Feeling of fight or flight, shakiness, sometimes sweating. Surges last weeks, days or minutes. Im usually fine in between but hr is always a little high. Dx of innappropriate sinus tachycardia given. 2 24 hour urine results and oone plasma indicated elevated leveks of epineph and norepineph, but levels werent double so my endo is weary of dx pheo. Also mri of kindeys was clear.

Currently taking 50mg coreg bid. I reduce dosage as needed since my bp reading is sometimes low. Recent er visit showed bpof 180/130. Hr 160s resting. Hr increases by 40 from sitting to standing while in am episode. Abnormal lab results:
High anion gap
Low co2
Keytones plus 80.
High proteins
Rdw high
Albumin high
Rdw high
Glucose high.
Any ideas? We have reached a wall. Looking for possible dx or ideas for more testing to run by my dr

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Shafi Ullah Khan

Thank you for asking at Ehealth forum!

I read your question and i understand your concern. YOu are just a diagnosed case of hypertensionw ith possible postural tachycardia. A good beta blocker, diet lifestyle modifications and good use of anti hypertensive in compliant adequate dose would help. Pheo should be ruled out.

I hope it helps. Stay in touch with your healthcare provider for further guidance as our answers are just for education and counselling purposes and cannot be an alternative to actual visit to a doctor.
Take care

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