her right leg throbs and has chest pain


My mom has 2 bumps on the side of her right leg lower leg like on the side of her calf as she stands or lays you can see them very well when i touch it, it mushes in like it is mushy, she is 55 years alot of stress and worries alot ,, she also says that her right leg throbs and has chest pain she wont let me take her to er please help here

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Muhammad Khalil

Hello and Welcome

I appreciate your concern

The bumps are most likely varicose veins which are dilated tortuous vessels that are placed superficially. They can be a risk factor for DVT and pulmonary emboli taking into account the history of chest pain episodes. Please consult an internal medicine doctor to assess for the need of blood thinners or anticoagulants after proper workup. Initially a Doppler Ultrasound of lower limbs, V/Q scan , EKG can be advised based on the clinical findings.

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You Mom has to see he MD............

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