Has anyone experienced pregnancy symptoms while using Nuvaring?


I have been using Nuvaring for 5 months with no problems. In addition my partner and I practice withdrawal. We had sex 2 weeks ago, a day after I inserted a new Nuvaring after my week off. A week later I started having what I call my classic pregnancy symptoms, very sore breasts, uterine cramping (feel like Braxton-Hicks), mild nausea, extreme fatigue and pain in my lower back & hips. I did not experience these symptoms during my 4 previous cycles.

I know it is too early to get an accurate HPT reading... I am not due to start my period for another 7 days. I've had 3 prior pregnancies and knew with all three that I was pregnant within a week of conceiving, even before the HPT tests came back positive. With my last child, didn't get a positive test until 5 days after my period was supposed to start... but had already told my husband I was pregnant... knew the test was wrong. I am really scared that I might be pregnant. Has anyone else had the same experience? Were you pregnant or was it just side effects of the Nuvaring?

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Dr. Madhumita Avinash Paul

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The symptoms that you have are classic symptoms suggesting pregnancy. Visit your gynecologist and request for a blood beta HCG level test to confirm/rule out pregnancy (it can detect pregnancy accurately as early as 11th day post conception). The side effects of the Nuvaring will not have such classic symptoms.
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Well, turns out I am not pregnant. My doctor feels I may have ovulated, even though the Nuvaring is supposed to prevent it, and that was the cause of the symptoms. I am going to try one more cycle with the Nuvaring to see if I experience the same thing. If so, I will once again be looking for another form of birth control.

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