got my tonsils removed, my hearing is muffled, pain


I just got my tonsils removed this morning and I'm feeling pretty good! I'm still a little loopy from the anesthesia but overall feeling fine. My doc has me on hydrocordone and after I take that I have almost no pain at all, only a mild aching in my throat when I swallow. I feel like my hearing is muffled (almost like I'm wearing earmuffs, is this normal? Also I would like to know if the pain will get worse as time progresses as well as the easiest things to eat if pain does get worse. I've eaten some soup and a popsicle today but nothing else. Will my pain get worse later on this week? I want to know what to expect and how to prepare for it.

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Shafi Ullah Khan

Thank you for asking at Ehealth forum!

I read your question and i understand your concern. Pain will subside in a couple of days, hydrocodone will mask it, supportive care will help, it will be all healed in a week or two so dont worry. Muffled hearing is normal and part of procedure side effects which are all transient and self resolving.

I hope it helps. Stay in touch with your healthcare provider for further guidance as our answers are just for education and counselling purposes and cannot be an alternative to actual visit to a doctor.
Take care

Answered by:
Deepak Anvekar

Use of the pain medications whould help you tide over the first 48 hours after the procedure, which is the period when the pain would be maximum.

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