flank pain while laying on side


Hello everyone,

24 yr old male ... ex- heavy drinker...and chewing tobacco user.

I was born with one kidney (right side)...and haven't had a whole lot of problems up until a few months ago (approximately 5 months) Whenever I lay down on my right side I have dull flank pain (almost like a cramping) the longer I lay the more severe the pain becomes. I also have to urinate frequently whenever I lay like this. (we're talking every 15 minutes). The pain goes away slowly if I sit up or roll over. I do frequently have to urinate (especially at night) one doctor I saw said this was due to a small bladder. There's no pain while urinating, nor is there any blood that I can tell, there is however a "medicine like smell" even though I don't take anything. On any given night I probably wake up to urinate about 5 times while asleep....but about 4 to 5 times just before I go to sleep. It's insane. I dont have any signs of fluid retention......nor is there any pain other than the instances I described (my flank is sore to the touch)

I haven't been to the doctors in a while...but whenever I do go all tests are negative (there is some scarring of my kidney....and it is a bit enlarged) I do suffer from apnea (no machine), and my blood pressure is a bit high. I'm not sure if I'm diabetic... but it wouldn't suprise me. The reason I'm asking if anyone has a clue about my problem is b/c I don't have any insurance......and I really don't wanna have to spend alot of money for tests I don't really need......again.

Also how long could I put this off before it becomes a real problem....any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi and welcome

I'm sorry for what you are going through. The enlargement of your kidney sounds like hydronephrosis. Have they done an ultrasound recently or any other scans?

Did they tell you how well this kidney is functioning at? There's a test called lasix renal scan, I'm unsure if they do this on people with one kidney. There are other tests to perform though. A 24 hour urine collection with blood work is another option.

As for the cramping did the doctors ever mention renal colic to you? This usually happens to people who get or have kidney stones, but it is known to occur without stones.

I know you are 24 another possibility is your prostate possibly being the cause of having to go to the bathroom so much. I'm not trying to blame it on this but it's a slight chance it may be this.

I would talk to your urologist about your concerns, I know you said you haven't been in a while. With the scarring in the kidney it's important to have that followed up with.

Please keep us posted.
All the best..Smile

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