Discomfort 2 Years After Surgery


First off let me just say that I am 23 years old and in the summer of 2007 I had surgery for a right inguinal hernia. The surgeon described my hernia as pretty large. It was usually located behind or on the right side of my right testicle and was about the size of a golf ball.

Today I was helping a friend move a tv that probably ways close to 300 pounds. This particular event was not related to actually lifting and carrying the tv. I was helping push the tv into place on the tailgate to remove from the vehicle. Immediately I felt "something" of discomfort over the site of my incision. I would not describe it as painful, but it did kind kind of hurt a little, like something was being pulled. On a scale of 1-10 I would describe the discomfort as a 1-2.

It has been about 7 hours now since this happened and the discomfort seems to be becoming more noticeable, but not more "painful." The pulling sensation seems to have increased and I am noticing some discomfort on my side and in my abdominal region above the incision. I have done my own self-examination thus far; pressing around the incision and pushing upwards by my testicle. I have not noticed a bulge, but then again my previous hernia was very large and noticeable, so I could be missing something.

This has happened before a few times when doing things of a similar nature like lifting a tv. The pulled muscle feeling went away after a few days, however, none of the previous times hurt to this extent.

Could this be a pulled muscle or the start of another hernia?

I would describe myself as a hypochondriac and I am completely freaked out at this point and very worried Sad I do not have money for surgery right now nor do I have time to be inconvenienced by all the precautions you have to take before surgery, Not to mention the extensive full recovery time...

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It's possible the hernia came back. I had my first inguinal hernia operation back in Nov of 08. Second one came back 4 months later just from picking up a trash can. And now I'm going to see my Dr again tomorrow because Im almost posotive I have yet another one.

Long story short, they do come back and if ya believe it has ( same pain as before your 1st surgery) then it probably is. Save yourself some worry and get it checked out.


Thanks for the reply! Well, it has been 4 days now since it happened and whatever pain/hurt sensation I was having is gone for the most part. However, I am still feeling a slight pull in the right side of my lower abdominal region. At this point I think if I had another hernia I would be experiencing increasing pain and more discomfort so I'm pretty sure at this point I pulled a muscle. I have still not noticed a bulge of any kind and have not felt anything when coughing, sneezing, or having a bowel movement. I have a physical coming up in the next week so I will know for sure then...


It has been 5 days now since I was experiencing all of those things...still experiencing some very slight tenderness in the right side of my groin but everything else is gone. No bulge, no pain coughing or sneezing and nothing when bending over...pretty sure I just pulled a muscle that is connected to all of these things. Whew...thank god I can stop worrying so much now.


I've got the same problem i got my surgery about 2 years ago and after i lift or do a lot of strenuous activity it i will feel discomfort for a day or 2.. i dont think my hernia came back and mine was also very large (he used the largest mesh/plug)

it's annoying to still have pain somewhere after its supposed to be fixed..

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