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It'a bit embarassing.
Last night, after heavy drinking, i decided to masturbate and penetrate my anus with small dildo. As I was very drunk I fell asleep and don't rebember much. I remember at some point i was sitting on the toilet and trying to take vibrator out.
I am not sure I succeedeed, but i don't feel anything or like i have something inside.
Problem is after I sobered up, I can't find the vibrator. I don't know if its still in me and, if so,would I feel it, or maybe I just threw it away. It's around 8 centimeters long and maybe 1 centimeter diameter vibrator.
Any help will be extremely appreciated.

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Muhammad Khalil

Hello and Welcome

I appreciate your concern

Its unlikely to be inside especially if you have defecated afterwards. If you have not defecated and there is heaviness and fullness then an x ray erect abdomen or a lower GI series can be advised to look for a foreign body. If its soft then stool softeners and low dose prokinetics can be given to expel it.

Wishing you best of health



Thank You Doctor I appreciate your prompt answer.
Are you saying that i would have trouble defecating or not to be able at all? I am doing my number 2 with no problems, and don't feel nothing non ordinary in my abdominal area.
A day and a half passed from that now and I calmed down a bit. How long you think can such object remain undetected inside?


Sorry, one more thing.
The small vibrator is not whole, the bottom part which has switch on it detached, thats why it went inside. Top of it is round, but the part where the switch detached is round and it's hollow inside, where the batteries go.

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