Determining the true nature of a bump on the back of the head



Are baby boy (4months) has a bump that is totally hard on the back of his head. We noticed it when he was born and the pediatrican said it was a hematoma. It has gone down a little bit but is still there and it is very hard. She says that he is very advaced regarding his motor skills and doesn't seem worried at all. My question is that if it is a hematoma why is it feel like the bone (i.e. exactly like the rest of his head). Please advise.

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Dr. Andrijana Shterjovska

The dimensions of the bump and its exact location on the back of the head were not given. In the beginning it might have been explained with a hematoma (collection of blood under the skin). However, a hematoma is supposed to subside within a few weeks.

In certain cases the blood does not subside completely and it might be replaced with connective tissue.

As for diagnostic procedures, you might want to ask another pediatrician for a second opinion. In the end, if needed, a proper imaging method would be advised by the pediatrician in order to determine the true nature of the bump on the back of the head.

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