Delayed menstration after losing virginity


I'm 17 and i lost my virginity on august 24. My last period lasted from the 9th to the 13th. Since i've lost my virginity I've had sex with my bf 6 times and i've used protection every time. he only came twice and when he did he still pulled out even though he had a condom on. I even saw the cum in the condom. Still, today is the 17th of september and at the moment i am 10 days late for my period. I took two pregnancy test on the 15th and they both came out negative. Is there a chance that my period is being delayed because I just lost my virginity? That is what my friends have been telling me so I am wondering if that is possible. Please help me!

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Yes, its true. After losing your virginity a number of factors give most young females irregular periods. Top among them is hysteria. You believe and worry so heavily that you are pregnant and stress so much about it, that it makes your body act as if it were, thus delaying your regular period. Also, losing your virginity usually affects your hormones and you may suddenly realize your breasts have grown a bit, which doesn't usually happen until the 8th week of pregnancy, not the 3rd or 4th day. So don't stress about it. The fact that your stressing is most likely above all else the very reason you HAVEN'T had your period. It can only be delayed so long and you'll have it sooner or later. Also the fact that he withdrew even though he was wearing a condom makes your odds of being pregnant so slim to none that its almost impossible. And 2 false negatives are basically unheard of. Your fine. Relax and you'll be on your way in no time.


A friend of mine experienced irregular periods after losing hers. I don't think you should sweat it.


me and my girlfriend recently lost our virginities to eachother around 4 weeks ago and shes worried shes pregnant, it was unprotected and i didnt cum, but i know pre cum is sometimes involved and its stressing us both out terribly, i am probably going to go buy pregnancy tests for her to see if she is or not and i just want to know if theres any advice to help us calm down and maby what the chances of her being preggnant are im pretty sure it didint last for more than a mnute but i cud be wrong please help and btw she sais that her period is late because shes around new girls and she recently joined the softball team a few months ago and shes been saying shes really tired and hungry and is saying shes gaining weight heelp


hello..I am facing exactly the same problem... Can you tell me what happened in your case? It will help me to calm down...


hello..I am facing exactly the same problem... Can you tell me what happened in your case? It will help me to calm down...


hi i am 26 years old and i just lost my virginity with my fiance i got my period on the 10th of july and i lost my virginity on the 23rd but it didnt last more then 2 minutes without using a protection because it was very painful and i bled a bit after a week we had intercourse without ejaculation first it hurt me then i didnt feel pain and i had a very tiny spot after going to the bathroom in the morning now my period is delayed for 6 days but i have cramps and my breast sore i did the pregnancy test on the 13th of august after 3 days of delay and it was negative i'm worried to be pregnant i need your advice please. just a notice i have habitus ovarian microcyst . regards


I'm having the same problem. I had my period on the 24th, it finished on the 28th/29th December. I lost my virginity on the 30th and had intercourse two times after in the next three days. My cycle has always been all over the place and i've missed periods before but i've never had to worry about being pregnant before. Here's the thing. We used protection every time. I took a home test when my period was roughly 6 days late and it turned out negative. My period didn't turn up still, after another week, so I tried another test and still, the results were negative. Here I am, on the 14th of Feb still short of my period that was due at the end of January.

I know I have been stressing, but I don't know if I've been stressing myself out and making myself physically ill and sore (which has happened before) or if I am actually showing signs of early pregnancy.
My oldest sister (who has had over 7 pregnancies [3 successful]) thinks i'm stressing myself out over nothing. What do you think?



Me too. Haha.
I just got my period today.
I don't think I have been so grateful to have such intense cramps. Haha. But I start the pill as of today so bring on the regularity! Hahhaha. (:
Thanks for your thoughts though. (:


I lost my virginity (with condom) a week ago and my period was supposed to come on the around now and still nothing. I'm super scared because I'm not ready for a child. I love babies just am not ready to take that responsibility. PLEASE HELP I also have a really bad itch in the are between my anus and vagina. Is that normal??? Someone please help me. I'm only 15 and I know it was wrong but I wasn't thinking :/


If the condom did not break, there is no real chance of getting pregnant. But you do sound worried. Worrying can delay your period.

Did you take a mirror and looked at your perineum (the area itching). Maybe there is a small tear? Or you have a yeast infection? Do you have any strange discharge?

Remember to pat yourself dry when you are wet, like after swimming, peeing, bathing. And sleep without panties if it is safe to do so, to keep yourself dry. Wear full crotch cotton panties, and only wash with clean lukewarm water and your fingers. No soap in your vulva.

Take care!


clean the tub real good and rinse it...........put some warm water and 1/2 cup baking soda and soap.................then shower this for 5 to 7 better see the doctor......might be a yeast infection.


I have noticed I have noticed I've been having vaginal discharge but the itching has gone done and now only burns when is touched other then that it feels normal but there is still no sign of my period and it's supposed to have been here today or befor and Im worried.


It is way too early to be worried. And you used a condom.

Relax and keep yourself busy with other things to take your mind off this. Stressing, worrying and panicking will delay your period.

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