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Hi, I'm inquiring about my 12 month old Son. He seemed to cry quite a bit during the first year. He also rocks back and forth a lot and sreams out a bit, I was wondering if there is something wrong with my baby.

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Dr. Andrijana Shterjovska

It is hard to tell whether there is a medical problem without a medical exam.

The symptoms you reported (your 12 months old son crying a lot during the first year and rocking back and forth a lot) might be a subjective view of a normal condition. There are many possible causes for baby to cry. The babies might be hungry, feeling too warm or too cold, perhaps it is time for sleep, or they need attention or they cry just for the sake of crying.

You might want to visit a pediatrician for a physical examination. The sound of the crying might tell the doctor that there is a problem. If the rocking back and forth keeps going on even when the baby hits something, then it is not a good sign. Complex tests might be needed to determine the exact cause for the above mentioned symptoms.

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