constipation and a bubble/lump on left side


Recently I have been dealing with some constipation, for 4 days now I believe. I have some mild stomah pains but its not too bad. With this new constipation, I have a bubble/lump that i cant see on the surface, but I can feel it whenever I put any pressure on it. Its located on the left side of my body, below the ribs and just above the hips. This showed up with the constipation aswell. Its not too painful, mild similar to my stomach pains thanks to the constipation. Its more annoying as I can feel it whenever I lay down, sit, and a little bit when im moving. This is pretty concerning to me since I havent had constipation ever until now, and this bubble/lump thats really annoying and scaring me. I havent found anything similar with my google searches which hasnt provdided me with the best reassurance either. I would like to know if this can come with constipation, or if the constipation and the bubble/lump are symptoms of something more serious.

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Deepak Anvekar

Welcome to e health forum.

It is difficult to make a assessment of the lump without a proper examination.

The symptoms you have could be due to Irritable bowel syndrome.'

Irritable bowel syndrome IBS, is a functional disorder characterized by cramping abdominal pain or discomfort with alterations in bowel habits (bloating, constipation, and / or diarrhea).

IBS does not cause any permanent damage or any serious illness but the symptoms cause severe discomfort & distress affecting an individuals work, ability to travel and attend social events.

For the time, being your symptoms of IBS can be controlled with diet, stress management, and prescribed medications (laxatives, antidiarrheals, antispasmodics, or antidepressants). You may consult a gastroenterologist for such prescriptions.

I hope this helps.

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