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I had sex with someone jan 9 2017 but started my period January 6 2017. I had sex with my future partner January 13, 15,19,21,24. I am pregnant now and totally lost who is the father. I would like to get help when my conception date was please.

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Celine, ovulation is usually cycle day 14, in this case Jan 20th. Sex on the 19th would have been perfectly timed. Sperm does not last inside more than five days, so sex Jan 9th cannot be responsible. Best of luck going forward.

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hi! i had my period on june 10 i had unprtoected sex with my boyfriend then on june 28 2017 i had protected sex with someone else!! who could be the father?? my due date the doctor gave me is 29 march 2017..who culd be the father?? really worried


Aly, I'm sorry to say that the due date strongly suggests that the June 28th encounter is responsible for this pregnancy. 1) What was the date of your ultrasound? 2) What were the dates of your period and the boyfriend episode? 3) Did you have regular cycles and how many days were they? That info might help clear things up.


On june 10 2017 i had my period! I always have unprotected sex with my boyfriend! On june 28 2017 i had protected sex with someone else! The doctor gave me my due date on june 29 2018!


I dont have a regular cycle!! My cycle is irregular


I keep having sex with my partner not using condoms!! My period lost about 3 days


Please answer as soon please


My partner always comes in me!!


ppowb thank you so much for replying back.... I really appreciate it a lot. I have been stressing out too much just thinking who would be the dad... I have other people who told me the same thing you just mentioned about i need to hear from more jusy to be sure... So its totally impossible that it could be my ex partner.


Aly, you got pregnant from sex at the very end of June or first week of July. If the other guy was the only one in that time frame, he is the father.


i only had sex with guy 2 on june 28 after that! i kept having unprotected sex with my partner!

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