Cervix positioning and hardness on th pill


Ive been on the pill for 3 years and i recently discovered the position of your cervix can tell you alot now i checked mine today which is 4 days after my withdrawal bleeding and my cervix is high( atleast i think it is seeing as though i can barely reach it) and its hard whether its opened or closed or not i dont know i cant reach it enough to check that. Now what i want to know is this a normal positioning at this time and does the position of our cervix move on th pill. Now i did miss two pills after my withdrawal as well ... So where r your cervixes atm?

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The pill changes the hormone levels in your body, and evens it out.

A woman on the pill will often not have a cervical mucus cycle or the changes to the cervix like a woman without the pill. That is because these are controlled by the very hormones that the pill will manipulate and even out.

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I definately have a cervical mucus cycle it vhanges all the time


Well my cervix position and hardness has definatly change it got even higher and harder and now its dropped alittle and its softer its still quite high though what could this mean ?


It is not likely to mean anything. As I said, often women do not experience these changes. Some women do however still go through some changes like this. It means nothing.

Sexual arousal (as you get aroused and closer to orgasm, your uterus will lift into an upright position and move your cervix). Do not expect to feel for it during masturbation or when you get aroused, and expect to get any sensible results. Sitting/standing/laying in a different position or feeling at different times of the day can cause different results.

Do you also track your BBT?


No dont have a thermometer think i might invest in one but i check it at the same time and not when im aroused or during masturbation i usually check it after my nightly shower

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