BP spikes with caffeine, ventolin and lidocaine


Hi, I am 24 years old male with depression and a bit of anxiety, all which I am not being treated for. I don't feel like it is bad enough to get help since I don't have insurance. I exercise daily and regulate my diet so I'm a fairly healthy.

Anyway, For about 2 years I noticed that I have been getting a few high blood pressure spikes or heightened sensitivity from stress or drugs. With these symptoms, I am not sure if these are worthy of concern.

Firstly, I had about 5-6 episodes when my blood pressure spikes well over 200/85-95 with uncontrollable full body tremors and numbness to my whole body. Half of those is possibly from stress or lack of sleep. And the others is drug induced from caffeine, first time use of Ventolin inhaler (which felt like I was about to have a heart attack from the fullness in my chest), and 2 local anesthesia of lidocaine from root canal which spiked my BP to 230/90. On a side, ibuprofen of only up to 400mg makes my nose bleed.

Should I be concerned?

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Muhammad Khalil

Hello and Welcome

I appreciate your concern.

you require a 24 hour BP monitoring. ECG , ECHO. Your anti hypertensive drugs are clearely inadequate and need to be adjusted dose and additional meds.
I would suggest you consult a psychiatrist so thet a Mini mental state exam is performed. to ascertain depression and or anxiety , Meds can be adjusted afterwards in addition to cognitive behavioral therapy. Yoga and meditation , too have proven benefit in addition to relaxing exercise.

Let me know if you have any query

wishing you best of health


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