Bleeding again


Hi sir/mam,
I had my periods on 30th of October and it ended on 3rd of November. After 2 days on 5th November I had an unprotected sex with my fiance and i took i pill, but after 5 days on 10th November i started bleeding again. Is it normal? Is there anything to worry about?

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It is called withdrawal bleeding.

It is a side effect of the hormones from the ipill leaving your body. It is like a period, and it is the same thing women that take birth control pills get every 28 days. It is nothing to be worried about.

Your next real menstruation will very likely be delayed. Do not worry when this happens.


Mam for how many days will the bleeding go on?


It is not possible to predict. It can be like your normal period, or a bit longer.

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