Bacterial Men. at 6 wks old cause these life long issues?


I had bacterial spinal meningitis at 6 weeks old, they had to reseitate me, I was in hospital icu. For along time, I just recently found this. Out, I have always had severe tremors in my hands since a child memory issues I don't remember stuff for the most part n have an issue with remembering day to day what we talk about today for me tomorrow Wil be hazy I had difficulties in school, I have severe anxiety attacks been diagnosed with PTSD have had high blood pressure since a child went on medication o n when I was 16 I have issues with left side of my body from my neck giving me horrible migraines to my lower back sending p a in down my leg, I talk to my family doc she don't see I just want to know if it is a possibility that the meningitis could have triggered these issues, my doc just says that happened along time ago, but my symptoms have always been the same am I crazy to believe there is a connection

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Shafi Ullah Khan

Thank you for asking
Meningitis is the infection of the meninges of the brain and the issues of memory you are mentioning are in hippocampus far far away from meninges plus time frame is quite wide so least likely. Psychiatric profile PTSD and anxiety and other issues have a role in it. It needs a psychiatrist. You can do it. Take some therapy sessions and stay in touch with a psychiatrist.
I hope it helps. Visit our health centre for further guidance.
Take care

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