another ablation or ask to have a hysterectomy


Hello! I am 28 years old and I have given birth to two beautiful children. I had my daughter when I was 18 and my son when I was 23. After I gave birth to my son I decided to have a tubal ligation done with the filshie clips in 2013. One year later I began bleeding heavily and my doctor said that I have endometriosis. They did a uterine ablation but I still get my period and am in pain quite frequently. They did an ultrasound last week and found out that not only are there cysts on my ovaries but my endometriosis is back and I have a septate uterus. They want to do another ablation but I don't want to go back in a couple years to have it done again. I don't want to have anymore children. Would it be better to continue with the ablation plan or ask to have a hysterectomy to be done with all the issues?

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Dr. Sanjoy Bhattacharyya

My answer is brief.Ablation is an alternative to hysterectomy if there is any bleeding problem.It deals with uterus only.Here you have cysts in both ovaries, a septate uterus and a possible diagnosis of endometriosis.The treatment of endometriosis is different.Either you have to undergo long term hormonal therapy or directly hysterectomy if you are mentally prepared to face a surgical early menopause at 28 years of age.But frankly speaking, it is the best option if you think about in the term of your symptom-relief.


I also had a subchorionic bleed with my son at 18 weeks gestation and he was diagnosed with gastroschisis...would a septate uterus have anything to do with that? This is something I am very curious about

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