Adderall- horrible problems w/ impaction. I can't poop!


35 year old female. 5'3 120lbs. Gravida 3 Para 2. I have chronic Epstein Barr w/ consistently high titers and reactive IGG's and IGM's. After 7 years of struggle I was put on adderall rapid release (Not XR) to keep me awake during the day. It has saved my life but I am now having horrible problems w/ impaction. I can't poop! When I get the urge to go the feces begins to exit but is too large and/or dry to pass. This is horribly uncomfortable. I have been eating a good fiber diet and taking stool softeners. These bowel movements are tearing me up though. My hemorrhoid keeps flaring up and I think I am getting fissures. What can I do to keep serious damage from occuring please? Thank you!

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Deepak Anvekar

It is possible that you may have a issue of slowed intestinal movements , due to which the concentrated stools stay longer in the intestines and due to absorption of water, they become more harder, resulting in impaction and painful defecation.

You may benefit by consulting a gastroenterologist and seek a proper medical opinion.

Medications to improve your gastrointestinal motility maybe prescribed to help you.

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