With The MyHR Almost Five Years Old. Why Do We Still Not Have Any Idea If It Is Making A Positive Difference?

June 17th, 2017 by davidmore
I thought I would have a look at the available statistics.-----My Health Record Statistics at 11 June 2017Published 11 June 2017Over 4.9 million people have a My Health Record, with an average of 1 new record being created every 38 seconds. Over 10,358,836 prescription and dispense records have been uploaded. Over 10,035 healthcare providers are connected, including GPs, hospitals, pharmacies, aged care residential services, allied health. Over 2 million clinical documents uploaded.Dashboard display of My Health Record statisticsThis page contains My Health Record statistics to 11 June 2017 . View statistics as a dashboard - PDF 272 KBIndividual registrations4,909,983 individual registrationsOf those registered, 54% are female and 46% are male.Approximately 20% of Australia's total population is registered.Age breakdownThe percentage of consumers registered for a My Health Record in a specific age bracket. Age range (years) Percentage (%) 20 or less 36% 20...

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