When Will I Go Into Labor


Im 38 wks and my baby already weighs 8lbs when will I go into labor this is my first pregnacy will I more likly be induced? I feel like my body is making no progress! What can I do??

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I know how you feel. My first child was 17 days late... How depressing!
Not to mention he was a pretty big baby, weighing in at 9lbs 1.5 oz.
I tried everything to go into labor, but nothing worked. I hear sex is the one the works most of the time.
I wish you a very easy delivery!!!


I did everything to try and make my baby come. I was 13 days late, and he weighed 9 lbs 10 ozs! I drank castor oil, and had sex, all the things they say to do, but nothing worked. Finally on day 13, I had enough went into the local emergency room, told them I was up all night puking...They said "omg....Thats very dangerous when your full term" so..They kept me and induced me, and my labour was long- 26.5 hours long!!!.. But he came out...And I was no longer pregnant!. ( thats all that mattered! )

get up tomoorw morning early....Put a big turkey dinner on..Clean your house from top to bottom, then go out for a big walk ...Like 3-5 kms long... Then come home and eat your turkey, go to bed, and have sex. Maybe in the middle of the night your waters will break!

Or- go into the er, and lie like I did.

If not you may still be pregnant for another month so longer..If you go over!!!


I was a month late and 9lbs 5oz.


I was 12lbs 8 oz and two weeks early (my mother was induced)
i think you have to be a lot bigger then 9 lbs to be induced. It will be much healthier and from what I hear it will be a much easier delivery if you just wait and let it happen naturally.

My sister insisted to her doctor to induce her and when they did she had a long and difficult labor. She is now 34 weeks and wants to wait full term. Be patient and good luck.

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