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Its been about a week now. I first found out that I have small bites all over my body. I thought they were mosquitos in my room. It then happened on the 2nd and 3rd time when I had bites more and more. Some bites are visible and some are really really small. Since i realized the itch on my bed, i concluded it must be bedbugs. I remembered i had seen some bugs before but didn't know what bugs are they. I found them in a bag of my dried flower tea bag. So I thought they were just some fruit bugs. Anyway, back to my story. Last weekend, I bought some bedbugs and other fleas repellent and sprayed in around the room and some on the bed. I found only a few bugs on the floor but not really alot. Well so on Sat & Sun, I slept in the living room on the sofa...somehow i had bites too. Again i concluded that the sofa or my pillows are infected too.

But today Mon, when i was at work, i started to feel itch and discovered new bites around my body. Even now as i type i find my bites areas and I haven't sleep yet. So can it still be bedbugs? The bite area is patches of reddness and can see the bite hole on the skin. After awhile when it stopped itching, is just the bite hole without the reddness.

I really feel more bites on my body, my back, breast, stomach, thighs, legs, foot, arms.. can i ask if this is bedbugs bite or is it something else?? Is there any other kind of insects stay on skin and i can't see them? i do feel the tingle and itch on body.

Please help and advise.

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I have the same thing. Unless you have a definite line pattern and they're really tiny, they're not bedbug bites. Could be tick bites if you've been outside.
The only thing helping me with the nasty itch is some aloe vera gel, but not a lot. I'm going to see my MD if they don't go away this week. I'll let you know, they're all over and I have about 20 of them.


I have what sounds like a similar thing. I can't see any insects though. I have light coloured sheets and can't see any little brown spots and normally get itching during the day maybe when I am driving or sitting at the computer ending up with 3-4 + bites in a small area. I don't have pets or have not been around any, otherwise I would think they were flea bites... Any thoughts?


I have what sounds like a similar case. Small little red mark bites on my belly, back, neck, arms and legs. Even thought I don't spend a lot of time outside I seem to be scratching and itching none stop. I know I don't have bed bugs because if I did my mother would be scratching and etching by now as well, however she is not. I asked a doctor and she said it's bug bites but I'm not really sure and would really love the help. I have never had this bad of a problem before with bug bites. I don't know what to do bug spray doesn't seam to help. I always feel like something is crawling on my body yet when I look there is nothing there. Please someone help I would really love to know what's going on.


They are probably "no see ims"...they are so minute that they are difficult to "see", hence the nick no see ims.
Keep your windows closed as they can easily travel through screens. The best antidote that I found was Sting Off or AfterBite, just to stop the itching....


So same problem here. What state do you reside in, to see where this problem is occuring. I'm getting bites here in LA, Cali. They are not bed bug bites as I get bite during the day and sometimes while I'm outside. But I have quite a handful of them and keep finding more.
I guess everyone has this problem and no answers...

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