Im 11 and already had sex


hey, im 11 and i've had sex b4fore with my last bf,
We were at a party and we by accidentaly got locked in the bathroom, so we had sex. We learned bout condoms but we didn't think that they were necessary. So my question is WHAT SHOULD I DO?

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we just did it again yesterday, what should i do?


Did you at least use condoms the second time? I can't even imagine an 11 year old getting pregnant.


i dont think i even knew HOW to have sex at 11..much less any details about it....i'm pretty sure I was still playing with dolls that young...I don't think this is something you should do again until you DO know what to do and what the consequences can be...11 is waaaaaaaaaaaay too young..i really cannot even imagine how the heck this happened...personally, I think that you should wait...until you are older...and have at least had sex ed..i hope you know what a condom is..and how to use it...i hope you know that if you dont use it you can get pregnant and have a kid or an STD, how would you get a job to support the kid? have to be 15 minimum to get a job...and thats if you get lucky...are you ready for that? Sex is not something to be taken lightly...I think you should wait


I was about that age when I lost mine at a party. Nothing cool about it.
Now that I'm older it sucks. '

my boyfriend freaks out once in a while saying how can I trust you... you werent a virgin when i met you. (he wasnt either}

If you keep it up...
Guys will think your easy
Girls will think your a slut.
All future relatioships will be hard to keep.
Trust is hard to get.
You will at some point in your life wonder what if I get an std
Do i have and std?
And could i be pregnant?

I think you should try to get with the guys that want you even when you say no to sex... Have you heard of becomeing a born again virgin?


A few answers:

Not using protection has tons of consquences.

1) You could get a life-threatening STD like HIV/AIDs.
2) Even if you haven't started your menstrual cycle yet, you can still get pregnant, and it could be (what I believe they call) an atopic pregnancy, which is also life-threatening.
3) It forms a bad habit, so when you are older you won't be safe, and one or both of the above could happen to you later on.

It will affect your image and what people will think about about you, I am 18 years old, I can say I am not very proud of loosing my virginity when I was 16, I would suggest becoming abstienent, or investing in some condoms.

EDIT: An atopic pregnancy (I believe) is where the baby is concieved in the fallopian tubes. Also think, a baby might sound awesome now, but when your 18 your "baby" will be 7 years old.

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